Emma D'Arcy ("Place of the Mythical beast, Harry Lawtey "Industry", and Ellie Bamber (Willow) will join Maxine Peake,

 Ciaran Hinds (Belfast), and Jason Isaacs in the thrill ride Anna.

The element centers around the incredibly famous writer and common freedoms dissident Anna Politkovskaya (Peake)

 who conquered the Chechen killing fields and uncovered Russian state defilement under Putin.

She would not quit any pretense of giving an account of the conflict in Chechnya in spite of various demonstrations

 of terrorizing and brutality - including being harmed. She was at last killed in a lift in her apartment building.

D'Arcy plays Anna's little girl Vera and Lawtey her child Ilya, Bamber is her assistant Elena,

 Hinds her proofreader Dmitry, and Isaacs her significant other Sacha. Recording starts toward the finish of September.